Finally, you can rap in Bengali
Manashi Mukhopadhyay, the daughter of the legendary singer Manabendra Mukhopadhyay, has teamed up with DJ Sachin to come out with the first Bangla rap album and give a new feel to the Bangla song with his unique compositions, which blend Bengali and English lyrics. “Though there has been a lot happening in Hindi and Punjabi, rap hasn’t been tried on such a major scale in Bangla,” says Manashi, whose album, ADDA, was released this month. “It took almost six months to conceptualise the whole thing, as we were looking for someone who could rap with Bangla Lyrics,” she says.

Mon Haariye : Manashi Mukherjee
The eight numbers rendered by Manashi Mukhopadhyay in this album are marked by a basic charm and that feeling is reinforced by the over all ambience. The album is Adhunik, but the feathery softness is the prime quality and it has gentle classical touches too, which is what differentiates it from what passes for adhunik nowadays. Only, Manasis sweetness’ sometimes tends to make it sound what could be described as melodious. Most of the songs are composed by the artist herself.

Tomai Bhalobeshechhi : Manashi Mukhapadhyay
Manashi Mukhapadhyay has stepped into the world of Music with a slightly uphill task –that of growing under the shadow of her father’s formidable reputation. Manabendra Mukhopadhyay still reign’s supreme in the world of Bengali music. Manasi tries valiantly to keep that tradition alive even though her songs are much lighter. She has also tried her hand at singing old hits sung by stalwarts like sandhya Mukherjee and Lata Mangeshkar, Which is no mean task. Manashi has a melodious voice and good control. But paying tribute to her father through his own songs is a very good idea because greatness is often enriched that way.

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