Manashi singing populer bengali songs
Manashi have already understood the taste and choice of her listeners. Hence she has artistically laid and decorated her new Album, Tomai Bhalobeshechi” with 10 most popular Bengali songs. Her voice is very pleasant, sweet and melodious and is reflected in her singing. Manashi’s style of singing brings out the beauty, freshness and smoothness of these old melodies. Her voice is cultured and has gone through vigorous practice and it simply proves that she has come from a family with a strong musical background. The freshness of the artistís voice is the ultimate gift of the cassette.

Manashi Mukherjee’s puja album released from HMV was a super success. After this fans of Manashi were all waiting and expecting a solo concert from her and she spontaneously responded and performed her live show on the 18th of January at Rabindra Sadan. It was a splendid performance-joyous and youthful. She sang a variety of songs including nazrulgeeti, adhunik, film hits and many more. She has the perfect quality of moulding her voice according to the nature and mood of the songs. Among the many songs that touched the hearts of the audience, one has to mention Meteria medikar kabyo, Amader Chuti Chuti, Esho esho pahari jharna. The smart accompaniment of her musicians was an added attraction of the show.   

Madhu Lagane : Manashi Mukhapadhyay
She is an apt torchbearer of her father,Manabendra Mukhopadhyay. That is the first thing that hits you when you hear the first notes of her rendition. She has the same vivacity in her voice like that of her father. The music given by the senior Mukhopadhyay is, of course, beyond criticism. It lifts you away from worldly affairs; into a mood of rhythm- swaying, and tapping your foot, humming the tune. Her voice also has the very nostalge Geeta Dutta-touch, soft and melodious.

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