Manashi Mukherjee is the daughter of the famous singer and composer Manabendra Mukherjee. From a very tender age, Manashi was trained by her father in various types of music, for e. g. classical, modern songs; Nazrulgeeti, ragpradhan, bhajan and many others. Gradually developing her own style, Manashi is now one of the most popular singers of West Bengal and India. She has toured many states of India as well as abroad for e.g., U.K, U.S.A., Singapur, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. She has a lot of audio cassettes featuring different types of bengali songs. Manashi is also a composer and has tuned many of her own songs as well as of other singers. She is a top-grade artist and a regular performer of Akasvani (Radio) and television.

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My Songs are a tribute to my father, Manabendra Mukherjee.