Manashi Mukherjee is a professional singer of India and West Bengal for the last 15 years and is the daughter of the famous singer and composer Sri Manabendra Mukherjee.

She was the winner of the ALL INDIA RADIO COMPETITION (1986) and many other competitions including the RAJYA SANGEET ACADEMY COMPETITION. Manashi is a regular performer of AIR and DOORDARSHAN and also other private satellite television channels namely ETV, AKASH BANGAL, ZEE TV, TARA TV, KOLKATA TV, and many more. She has more then 20 audio Cassettes and cd released from different audio cassette companies including HMV (SA RE GA MA), ACCORD, ATLANTIS etc.

Manashi has performed in various sates of India mainly Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc and have also travelled abroad to USA, UK, Singapur, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh for live concerts.
She sings various types of songs including Bengali modern songs Nazrulgeeti, Ragpradhan, Bhajan, Ghazal, and also purely Western Songs and Hindi Commercial song. Her program thus including a variety of song. She has also composed music for many modern songs and Television serial titles.
In other words manashi is an apt torch bearer of her renowned father Manabendra Mukherjee. This is the first thing that comes to mind when one hears the first notes of her singing. Her voice is very sweet and melodious and has the versatility that suits western numbers. Manashi has developed an unique style of her own.
Lastly, Manashi also works as an anchor in various Television programs and is a Post-Graduate Of Calcutta University In English Literature.
To listen to her music or watching her show is a joyful experience.